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Jozef Wiewel

I have taken on the Hot Yoga world because there is in my opinion an enormous misunderstanding between teaching and instructing specifically when it comes to this style of yoga. I base my safe and responsible teaching on three values, Alignment, Breath and Postural awareness. Proper anatomical alignment is paramount in yoga asanas and need to be taught and repeated relentless in a class. What to do without your breath? Not much for very long so this is just as important during ones practise and so too will be pointed out repeatedly. Last but not least the awareness of your physical body during your practise, there should be enough energy, attention and commitment during your postural work to be able at any time to be aware of what you feel and where so you can adjust and not harm yourself and/or engage with your teacher should you have any queries or questions either during or after your practise.


Yoga Alliance 200 hour accredited (UK)

Yoga Academy qualified

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Phone 447912228856