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Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams offers one-to-one yoga in london and bespoke retreats worldwide. She is a British yogini, nutritional food chef, holistic health coach, published author and former commodities broker. She is the author of “Recipes for Life” and contributing author of “Mastering the Commodities Markets”. She took her first steps into the health & fitness world in her late teens and is now a resident yoga teacher & manager at Jason Vale’s Juicy Oasis & Juicy Mountain, as well as teaching in London and for Soho Farmhouse. You will not limit yourself to practicing one particular style with Victoria- her teaching offers you a deeper understanding of your own body’s potential and the spaces into which you can move with greater ease and proficiency. What you will receive of her knowledge is given with her deep sense of spirit and humility. You will learn more than you already know. Or, more aptly, you will learn that which you already knew. If you’re looking to be challenged in a light-hearted environment, then you’ve found the class you need. The fact that her voice will transport you to bliss is something else…